KOMMONSENTSJANE – (993) We know why they lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop: Devine – YouTube I hope @CNN @msnbc @nytimes are happy now that we’re stuck with this worthless piece of crap in the oval office. You’re all a bunch of liars.😡

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The Biden’s can’t go any lower – they are in rock bottom territory. It is hard to believe even our low down Elitists Repub’s are backing this loser Biden.


Trump:The American Years

(993) We know why they lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop: Devine – YouTube

Biden sold out our country. Now he’s wrecking the country and has us on the verge of WWIII. When Trump was President gas was affordable, we were energy independent, the world was fairly peaceful, these tyrants were in check and the economy was starting to recover. And you said there was election interference. Yes there was. It was you people. We have a right to be angry, very angry. The people who fell for these lies should be the ones who are angriest. The problem is they wanted to believe it. Shameful that our media turned into Pravda. Biden is corrupt and he surely didn’t cease to be corrupt just because he’s in the oval office. He didn’t care about our country when he sold it out. He surely doesn’t care about it now.. Everything Trump was…

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