KOMMONSENTSJANE – RINO Cheney Says Greene One of Kremlin’s ‘Useful Idiots’ After Ukraine Remarks

Rino Cheny JV remarks: Distraction tactics.

RINO Cheney is not speaking for me. What does Cheney know about war? It is funny that she has turned into a Democrat. The Democrats Ukraine war is just a crisis to spend more of the taxpayer money and take the eye off the ball – the stolen/cheated election.

Rino Cheney needs to be listening to D’Souza and what he has to offer instead of starting a distraction fuss with Greene. Rino Cheney thinks she is smarter than every one else.

Why aren’t the Democrats asking the World Court/the UN to intercede with the Ukraine war? They don’t seem to be too worried with all of this killing. It only replaces Covid which was killing millions, and abortion prior to that. The UN were a part of that crowd.

Rino Cheney must be feeling some “useful idiot” moments by trying to focus on blaming others like Greene/President Trump.

Rino Cheney’s heart has turned to stone. Stone cold dead in the market of ideas.

Another RINO who speaks with a forked tongue. Runs as a RINO and being paid by Elite Republicans to harass President Trump.

He needs to spend more time in performing his job instead of being used by the leftists media to rag on the real conservatives/President Trump. We (Republicans) are paying for his RINO ragging. He rags every day and not accomplishing much for his real job.


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1 Response to KOMMONSENTSJANE – RINO Cheney Says Greene One of Kremlin’s ‘Useful Idiots’ After Ukraine Remarks

  1. Reblogged this on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together and commented:
    Cheney shouldn’t be referring to anyone as a useful idiot without first looking in a mirror!


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