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The Democrats/Obama/Biden/Fauci put this virus on the world and us.  It is time to put them in jail.

It is not too late to gather up the ones who caused this if the Repub’s would get off their duff and DO SOMETHING, instead of just sitting there.


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March 13, 2022

The Signs of our Socialist Times

By Philip Crossing at American Thinker:

The future of our civilization is under threat from those who are trying to dismantle our cultural heritage.There is much confusion as to why we are at this point in our history and what is behind the radical social changes that are flooding our institutions.The cause is a spiritual sickness called “socialism.”

The rise of socialism has followed a curious trail through modern Western history.Feminist, trade unionist, andeugenicsmovements of the early 20th century were succeeded by the “flower power”[i]generation of the 1960s.From this hallucinogenic, shallow mindset of anti-war and free love came our original virtue-signalers and their preachy pop music.

Today, we recognize socialism’s chosen people by their overt “wokeness” and feigned moral superiority, which is their primary weapon for killing off our culture.Their utopian goal is a dehumanized…

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