When will women learn – that we have to stick together instead of trying to knock each other down to get the prize. We don’t seem to learn that we have to take our turn and quick trying to cut in line.

How could this Pierides character begrudge a fund raiser for children. Why didn’t she put this much energy into a story when BLM was fund-raising while they were blowing up, killing, and robbing cities? And, where did all of that BLM money go – to personal real estate high end purchases for leaders and has not been accounted for. But, not one of you folks are writing a story about that mal-function of funds. Why not – because you are too interested in stepping on Melania’s toes and end up not helping women or children.

Shame on you!


Here’s The Real Reason Why Melania Trump’s Fundraiser Was Shut Down—She Must Be Freaking Out!

Maria Pierides


Melania Trump’s ‘Tulips & Topiaries’ fundraising event that was due to take place in Naples, Florida on April 9th has been canceled, following reports that the charity she was said to be raising money for hadn’t undergone the correct registration required by Florida law! Yikes! According to reports, Trump was said to be raising money for Fostering the Future (an initiative of Be Best) but at the time of an investigation, the charity was found to not officially be registered with Florida authorities, which is required by law when such fundraisers are taking place. Florida officials found that Whip Fundraising, the consulting firm Trump had brought on to manage the donations, had not followed state law by registering with authorities ahead of time, although they are now apparently doing everything they can to undergo the correct registration for future events.

“They were not registered as a professional solicitor or a fund-raising consultant, and they are working to rectify that,” Erin Moffet, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, told The New York Times. For those wondering what will happen to the money that has already been raised for Melania’s event, Moffet added that it will all be going to another child fostering charity called GenJustice, which has already complied with the state laws.

This is a little different to the narrative the former FLOTUS and her team are pushing, as they claim that the event isn’t canceled due to the aforementioned reasons. Instead, they are claiming that it is simply postponed due to overwhelming interest. “The event organizer is rescheduling to a future date due to the overwhelming support from individuals and charitable organizations,” read a statement from Trump’s office. Brad Keltner, the head of Whip Fundraising, also said that the decision to reschedule the event had nothing to do with the state’s inquiry, telling The New York Times: “Florida state did not shut us down. This was an internal decision made due to overwhelming response that we were not prepared to handle.”


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