Romney should run as a Democrat since he always votes with them. He reminds me of Billary since he is HELL BENT on trying to be a president of something.

Early APRIL FOOL JOKE? A RINO? The fake news media is still using Repub’s as a distraction from Biden’s failures. Now they switched from the Ukraine war/bio labs to Romney and his women full of binders.


In 2024, This Man Could Win in a Landslide

NewserNewser Editors

Mar 11, 2022, 5:54 PM

Mitt Romney in 2024? In an essay in the Deseret News, journalist Robby Soave makes the case that Utah’s junior senator should make one more run for the White House.

The way things are going, Soave thinks pretty much any Republican would be the favorite against President Biden, “with the possible exception of (Donald) Trump.” But if Republicans want to further improve their chances, they should consider the “one candidate who would almost certainly attract independent, moderate, and even Democratic voters—perhaps enough of them to win something approaching a landslide, if current conditions hold.” Romney, of course, is persona non grata in the pro-Trump crowd, which is why his biggest challenge would come in the GOP primaries.

Here, Soave acknowledges that defeating Trump in the primaries would be “nigh impossible” for anyone should the former president decide to run again. But he thinks Romney has strong credentials, and not only because he was proved right on Russia years after being ridiculed for his warnings about Moscow.

He’s five years younger than Biden and far more eloquent and energetic. Romney’s willingness to stand up to Trump shows him to be “one of the most independent minded political [figures] in the country’s history.” Again, this won’t help him much in the GOP primaries, but should he triumph there, Biden and the Democrats would be in serious trouble.


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