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When will we send in the PROFESSIONAL TEAM since the JV team didn’t score in the Ukraine war? We bombed out!  Couldn’t even get the job done working with Poland to help the Ukraine.

See, all of you politicians who didn’t like President Trump. Well the Democrats have gotten us into a mell of a hess. (And you claimed he was a calm potato.  Yep, he is calm – but a rotten one.)  At least, with President Trump he didn’t help start wars.  Biden aided/abetted Putin – started buying oil from Russia and built up their war chest. Spending our money when we had plenty of oil in our own back yard.  So – here the Democrats are –  trying to start another war.   Biden/Democrats bailed out on Afghanistan and left them high and dry with the terrorists in charge and Americans left behind..

Time to vote the JV team out of office and BRING IN A PRO – PRESIDENT TRUMP. He will fix what you broke.


MN Prager Discussion Group

March 9, 2022

Biden’s Russia-Ukraine diplomacy is a debacle

ByThomas Lifson at American Thinker:

Far from rallying the free world as its leader in reacting to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Biden’s diplomatic team has been publicly snubbed and humiliated by even putative allies.Rather than “restoring respect” for the U.S., as Biden promised to do, his administration has severely damaged America’s standing as a country to be heeded.

You would not know it from the saturation-level media coverage of the ongoing crisis, focused as it is on demonizing Putin for the crime of invading a sovereign neighbor.But without even so much as defending our own border, much less invading another country, the Biden administration has managed to alienate a large share of the world.

Two serious public rebukes from allies Tuesday are signaling to the world community that America’s views and initiatives don’t matter as much as they used…

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