What about the 2020 election – how many votes were not country or counted incorrectly?


Texas Election Official to Resign After Lines, Missing Votes in Primary
Aaron McDade


Just one week after primary elections were held across Texas for the 2022 midterms, the elections administrator of Harris County, the most populous county in Texas, has submitted her resignation after problems plagued the county’s election.

The Harris County elections administrator has submitted her resignation following a tumultuous 2022 primary election cycle for the county. .

Days after it was announced that the county discovered just over 10,000 mail-in ballots that were tabulated but not added to the official vote counts, drawing at least one lawsuit filed in response, Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria submitted her resignation to county commissioners on Tuesday, according to KHOU-TV.

The Texas secretary of state’s office notified the county over the weekend of a discrepancy of 10,072 ballots between the unofficial counts being reported and the number of votes that had been cast in the primaries. In addition to the uncounted ballots, last Tuesday’s primary also saw reports of damaged ballots, short-staffed polling places and technical issues with voting machines that delayed reporting of the results of the election.

The county confirmed the uncounted ballots in the days afterward and said the 6,000 ballots for Democratic primaries and 4,000 for Republican primaries would be added to the official vote counts by Tuesday.

Longoria’s resignation came just over an hour after Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, a member of the county’s five-person Elections Commission, told the Houston Chronicle that she intended to work toward replacing Longoria after the issues with the primary. Longoria is set to resign July 1, giving the county time to find a replacement and to ensure the county has someone to oversee runoffs and other elections.

Leadership of both political parties had requested answers on what went wrong in the primary, from county Republicans filing a lawsuit against the county and demanding that Longoria resign to Democratic officials saying the county needed to perform an investigation into what caused the issues with the election, according to The Texas Tribune.

Longoria has led the county’s elections since late 2020, the Tribune reported, adding that at least two races could be affected by the new votes.

The primary for the Democratic nominee for one district’s House race had a gap of just 136 votes when the missing votes were confirmed. In addition, the Democratic primary for which candidate will run for Texas Attorney General could be affected as one candidate, former American Civil Liberties Union attorney Rochelle Garza, is confirmed to be in an upcoming runoff election, while her opponent has yet to be determined as two candidates were separated by about 1,400 votes.


Again, what about the 2020 election – how many votes were not country or counted incorrectly?


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