The Democrats and the BLM did far more damage to the U.S. than the January 6 folks as far as damages, stealing, looting and burning and got off scott free. Sorry, no empathy in this corner.

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BLM Co-Founder Says She’s The “Fall-Guy” In Scandal

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The Guardian by Nesrine Malik

Last year, the grift known as Black Lives Matter began to crumble as reports surfaced showing the organization’s mismanagement and questionable finances. At the heart of the ongoing scandals was BLM’s co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors.

In April 2021, it was discovered that Cullors went on a wild real estate spending spree, shelling out over $3 million for property purchases in the United States alone. This despite Black Lives Matter claiming Cullors only made $120,000 from the organization.

In May 2021, Cullors stepped down handing the reins to two other members who later claimed they never accepted a leadership role in Black Lives Matter.

In fact, nobody seemed to be in charge of an organization that has been raking in tens of millions of dollars from corporate America.

After George Floyd’s in-custody death set off nationwide Black Lives Matter riots in 2020, the BLM Global Network Foundation received a staggering $90 million in donations. Not long after, the group fell under scrutiny for not being transparent about how and where it spends its money.

Because of the lack of financial transparency, the attorneys general in both California and Washington are now demanding BLM’s Global Network Foundation stop taking donations.

That’s a lot of scandal from a group that hoodwinked everyone from politicians to corporations, to sports franchises, and suburban housewives.

And because the corporate news media is a band of Leftwing activists pretending to be “journalists,” this past week, BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors was the subject of a long, hagiographic profile in The Guardian.

Writer Nesrine Malik expends thousands of words in her fawning profile of the wealthy socialist agitator with multiple homes.

The lengthy article recounts Cullors’ entire life story and finally, Malik briefly touches on the scandals surrounding Black Lives Matter. Malik wraps up her fawning profile by allowing Cullors to portray herself as a victim who wasn’t treated better.

This mistreatment has left Cullors with “a lot of hurt and resentment.” She tells Malik that she is being treated like “the fall guy for a movement that is much bigger than me.”


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