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Just couldn’t pass up this one.


How many times before we have a REAL investigation? They just regurgitated Abe Lincoln’s death. So I guess “hope” is eternal?

Or, was this a recapitulation to take our eyes off the ball of Billary’s Durham problem spying on President Trump – the nerve, even when he was in the White House.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

obama 014Blood of Benghazi 4

What does it take, what would it take?  We know Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration lied to the American people and directly to the families of the victims of Benghazi.   They blamed a freaking video…….    We also know protection, help was denied after many requests, pleas.        Why isn’t that enough?    If you and I did this, we’d be fried, tossed in a cell with the key thrown away.   If you abandon your child, leave them alone in a car for 2 minutes; they’d charge you with child endangerment and neglect.   What’s the difference?   Don’t tell me age…..  Ambassador Stevens was as dependent on American protection as a child is dependent on their parents.

These government investigations are they just going through the motion?  Will we looked into this and while the administration made some mistakes, could have done things differently…..we…

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