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It is not us – it is them being delusional.  Watching Pelosi  on video gave me the impression either she has a problem or she is misleading the people with her gamesmanship.



How much longer are we going to take this “bluff” and abuse from the left’s leader? We must vote this water buffalo out of office and all of their evil. We sat by and let them put one over on us with the stolen election as history will prove; but, we can’t wait for history. We must stop this evil Biden because he has no inkling because he had a double giving the Nation’s address. Something is not right with this situation. He can’t swing from ignorance to how he presented the address. Was that a double?


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Why would I ask such a question?  Why would I entertain the insinuation that was offered by the current occupant of the White House and those of his ilk that Americans who do not toe the Leftists line are suffering from psychological issues and are delusional?  Why?  Because the rhetoric and indoctrination are being spewed forth like a river and many who are not capable or willing to ‘think for themselves’ are buying it hook line and sinker.

I could and probably should turn that around and level it at them because I believe they are suffering from some serious delusional or diabolical issues. They appear psychotic and I would even argue that some of them seem to be demonically driven in their agenda and objective.  The brainwashed in today’s America truly believe that those of us who follow the Bible, Christianity, the Constitution, and are Conservative are evil people. …

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