KOMMONSENTSJANE – What the White Church Can Learn from the Black Church

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Why is it that white people continue to put themselves/others down because they are white.? This ordained pastor is only further dividing what has been divided by the Obama/Democrats. How can she being white speak for the black people.

Furthermore, all people have cultural backgrounds. Our family was raised to worship with those who are present in church and use your culture and language with those who you have the most in common. Again, that is human nature that people enjoy the company of those who they have the most in common.

This article made me sad that someone so young is so negative and especially being a pastor. She still is too wet behind the ears.

Why don’t the white people who continue whining about black versus white let black people be black and white people be white. It is what it is. You can’t make a silk purse (white or black) out of what God made since what God made is a perfect human being and it is the human being who sometimes goes astray. The Pastor should know that.. Quit trying to change things that aren’t meant to be. Quit trying to make black people into white people and the reverse. Black and white people aren’t robots.

If you would ask any black person – I bet they would like their own towns and schools and be themselves.  The comments of the past – “we want our own stuff.”

Enough of this pandering about blacks/whites, Pastor.


Accidental Tomatoes

Once when I was newly appointed to a church, a middle-aged church member told me on Sunday morning that she wouldn’t be present in worship the next Sunday because she was going out of town for the weekend to a Guns N’ Roses concert.

Nothing about her blouse and slacks screamed GNR.

As I looked around the sanctuary full of khakis, sport coats, and respectable shoes I wondered what music other church folx blasted in their cars on the way to work.

I was so amused by the mental picture of her as a screaming fan of hair metal that I entertained the idea of asking everyone to come to a church fellowship event dressed in the genre of their favorite band so that we could really get to know each other.

Who are we in church?

In predominantly white mainline Protestant churches, before we wore masks, we wore Masks.

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