KOMMONSENTSJANE – Stolen Elections Have Catastrophic Consequences @Jim_Jordan @tedcruz (i support both of you)PLS TWEET THIS OUT! I’m banned on Twitter & Facebook. would appreciate the help.

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Just look at the SMIRK ON JOEBOMA’s face and the arrogance. It is never too late to make a correction for 2020 when something is wrong with the recipe . You can’t go forward until the correction is made.


Trump:The American Years

i did not vote for Barrack Obama. Was it because McCain and Romney were fantastic candidates? Nope. They were lousy and i knew very well McCain was going to lose. Romney might have had a shot as lousy as he was.

The reasons i opposed Obama were: he was Marxist, pro abortion, anti cop and radical. Now it looks like the Obama administration is the largest part of the Biden administration. Why do you think the Obama’s and Valerie Jarret stuck around DC after his 2nd term?

No, i did not have to vote for Obama to prove i wasn’t racist. He will always have the distinction of being the first black President. Nobody can take that way from him but beyond that i don’t have a lot to say. i don’t care if anyone calls me a racist. Knock yourselves silly.i don’t care if anyone calls me anything. Big…

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