You don’t ever know what someone is thinking – why is this even a question that is being asked by the January 6 – what was President Trump thinking that night. How stupid can you get? This is wanting you to put words in your mouth about President Trump to use against him..

One of the most significant lessons to remember is that you don’t ever know for sure what someone is thinking. How can you know? We all think different and you can’t assume someone thinks like you do.

Do you know what another person is thinking?

With that being said, this also means that If you don’t know what another person is thinking, you can’t assume someone knows what you’re thinking. It’s imperative to be aware of this.


Former White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump has confirmed she’s in talks with the Jan. 6 investigating committee about sitting down to discuss what her father was thinking in the hours surrounding the insurrection at the Capitol.”Ivanka Trump is in discussions with the committee to voluntarily appear for an interview,” a spokesperson for Trump said Wednesday, per CNN. The preliminary discussions began in January when the House panel requested her voluntary appearance, per the New York Times.

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Her cooperation would be a “major win” for the panel, per Politico. Sources tell the Times she doesn’t plan to follow Steve Bannon into contempt of Congress charges.

However, some committee aides believe the discussions may only be a stalling tactic.

There’s been no threat of a subpoena yet “in part because members of the panel view [Trump] as a central witness in their inquiry and worry about a public backlash if it is seen as too aggressive with the former president’s family members,” the Times notes.

The committee, promising to limit questions to events directly related to Jan. 6, has already informed Trump of testimony from former national security adviser Keith Kellogg, who said Trump urged her father, then-President Donald Trump, to condemn the violence and was witness to a Jan. 6 phone call in which he pressured his vice president to refuse to certify the 2020 election results.

According to the Times, Donald Trump has “not requested that his daughter defy the committee’s requests, as he has done with his other former top aides.”


It looks like Keith Kellogg has already put made up words in her mouth.


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