Would love to know how much money all of the media has spent covering President Trump and his family all of these years – which doesn’t cost President Trump a dime/can you imagine? Has to be millions? What have the media gotten in return – a bad rap, people don’t trust them, and the people don’t respect them. When I hear their names – I just laugh and laugh.

The lefty men and women’s frustration of the media’s fatal attraction to President Trump is showing. What else would they write if they didn’t have President Trump to “munch” on.

Don’t you love the way the news media are so fixated with President Trump? To the point of it being a FATAL ATTRACTION. It is so interesting for all of us who don’t know all of this STUFF.

What does Fatal Attraction stand for?

In a relationship, an attraction to the very qualities in a person that ultimately lead to the relationship falling apart. Media has a fatal attraction to the wild, uninhibited life of President Trump, but they are jealous of his success which none of them have – which is a boring life – printing words – duh?.

What are the Signs of Fatal Attraction? Shallow Emotions. The person is quick to share a lot of things. No Emotions are Shown at All. Unable to Handle Emotions.
Short Fused or Tendency to Have Emotional Outbursts. Manipulation with the Use of Emotions. ..

Who are the main characters in Fatal Attraction? Someone with at least several of these traits.

Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment by friends and family.
Unstable personal relationships that alternate between idealization (“I’m so in love!”) and devaluation (“I hate her”). …
Distorted and unstable self-image, which affects moods, values, opinions, goals and relationships.

That’s our lefty media to the tee.


Thanks to the media for making and showing us how STRONG President Trump is and how weak the media is.

Keep up the good work while you give President Trump all of these strong characteristics and how low-down the media is – especially, that media guy who appeared without any clothes on.


That is okay fella – don’t take it so hard.


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