KOMMONSENTSJANE – Liz Cheney’s Husband Works At Law Firm Tied To Individuals Spying On President Trump.. And The Chinese Military

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Yes, this explains all we need to know – Cheney is part of that “rat” crowd and why she is fighting with Pelosi about January 6 protesters.  She is part of the Hillary crowd after all.

How many of us continued to ask that question during the worst of the times – WHERE IS THE TREATMENT – and were told – THERE IS NO TREATMENT – which was a Democrat lie over and over. All the while the rich folks and corporate folks were treated. How can we trust our physicians in the future. Answer – TRUST BUT VERIFY.


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This week, a shocking story broke that a law firm hired by the Clinton campaign used sensitive government data tospyon President Trump.. while he was in office. The report was released as a part of the Durham probe that is looking in to the origins of the Russia investigation. Michael Sussman, who was indicted for lying to the FBI after he came to them with bogus intelligence tying President Trump to the Russian Alfa bank, retained Lathan & Watkins LLP as his legal counsel. Now it has been revealed that Liz Cheney’s husband, Phillip Perry, is a partner as Lathan & Watkins LLP. The law firm also represented the Clinton campaign as they were presenting disinformation to the FBI to get them to investigate President Trump. Techno FogReports


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