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I have come to the conclusion that all of the loonies you are talking about were not elected by the U.S. folks but were cheated into office over and over. Surely, as adults we couldn’t make that many mistakes. This had to have started with Bush I when the cheating started – remember he was in charge of the CIA.


The Butcher Shop

We are living and working in one of the most corrupt countries in the world, our healthcare system has gone to hell and folks do not trust it anymore. Common core has ruined our public school system. The leadership in this country has been bought and paid for by multinational corporations, our economy is in the toilet. If we did to banks what they do to us, we would all be in prison. The majority of the population are nothing more than zombies, the walking dead, just following orders coming down from on high. And for those of you who took the shot, you have now become part of the artificial intelligence program.

The money you thought you had in the bank, well guess what, it was never there and never will be there. It belongs to the bank and if they want to keep it they can. The…

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