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The way I see it – Did Biden want the enemy to be on an even-footing and not have to start from scratch. The enemy walked in and took over. Didn’t they even leave some of our people in case the enemy didn’t know how to operate our “stuff?”

The soldiers were never given the opportunity to win that war because wasn’t Obama on the enemy’s side. They only went there to build up the country and then leave.

The war was not run by the military but the president.


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: Final accounting of USA military equipment in Afghanistan

Thanks to the Government Accountability Office, we now have a clear picture of just how much U.S. military equipment has fallen into the hands of the Taliban, thanks to Joe Biden’s bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan. Let’s have a look…

Aircraft: The Taliban now ranks #26 in the world in total military aircraft thanks to us leaving behind 208 planes and helicopters:

110 helicopters
60 transport/cargo planes
20 light attack planes
18 intelligence/surveillance planes

Vehicles: You’ve probably seen the footage of the Taliban riding around in our Humvees.
We left a total of75,898vehicles:

42,604 tactical vehicles
22,174 Humvees
8,998 medium tactical vehicles
1,005 recovery vehicles
928 mine-resistant vehicles
189 armored tanks

Weapons: Get ready for this…
599,690 weapons are now in the hands of the Taliban:

358,530 rifles
126,295 pistols
64,363 machine guns
25,327 grenade launchers
12,692 shotguns
9,877 RPGs

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