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Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana could not fix the potholes in his city. Yet Biden thought he is qualified to be the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, and leader of our infrastructure building America better plan (Biden’s plan). Buttigieg is not a popular figure in South Bend. His answer to the transportation problems we face, ‘slow the speed limit down, and issue more speeding tickets’.

On another note: This Biden Administration and the Left ………they are into depopulation; yet allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into our country and they distribute them throughout the nation during night fall so you can’t see it or stop it. Biden learned this lawless act from his boss, Barack Obama. Remember the cargo plane(s) filled with palettes of cash delivered to Iran in the pitch darkness of the night? Your tax dollars! Biden and Obama both are treasonous POS…

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