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Chaos, panic, & disorder – isn’t it time for Democrats/Biden’s medication?


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democrat platform hatredThe Democrats, the political party that I’m ashamed to say I used to belong to before becoming an Independent Voter, continue their virtual war on the rest of us.

Sometimes Democrats don’t like me using their party affiliation when pointing out the things they do but other labels don’t apply to them here in the 21st Century. Democrats are definitely NOT liberals, they are the most illiberal people imaginable and support oppression from censorship onward. They are NOT progressives, they are trapped in the past and are still fighting a version of the United States that has not existed for decades.

I call them Democrats because that’s what they are – political zealots whose only allegiance is to The Party. They are such hollow, empty people that they have no identity outside of their political opinions. They cannot relate to other human beings on any level except the ephemeral, political…

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