KOMMONSENTSJANE – Ex-N.Y. Times science writer finds more evidence of COVID lab leak

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NYT doesn’t seem to understand – there is no such thing as a secret once one person knows the story. Then the dominos start to fall.

How many years are those who believe in fake news (TECH MEDIA/CNN/MSNBC) going to wake up and recognize that NYT is part of the fraud put on this country.

Truth will always stand the test of time. But lies like NYT has gurgitated and re-gurgitated over and over – which they defined as the truth and some people still believed it. When will these people think for themselves and challenge the NYT? Lies never stand the test of time which is happening with this article.

The truth patrol has caught up with NYT/CNN/MSNBC/TECH MEDIA.


Flurry of Thoughts

The former New York Times science writer whose lengthy analysis of the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic played a major role in forcing establishment officials and media to no longer dismiss the possibility of a lab leak as a fringe conspiracy theory, says newly released emails make the theory even more plausible.

Source: Ex-N.Y. Times science writer finds more evidence of COVID lab leak

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