KOMMONSENTSJANE – Will America’s Loony Tune Biden EVER AWAKEN?

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Why Is Biden committing to help protect Ukraine in their fight with Russia? Just because Biden plucked some of their forbidden fruit doesn’t mean the rest of us are committed. Biden/son can help them fight their war with Russia since they are the ones to took the money.

Biden can payoff Russia by continuing to buy their fuel with our taxpayer funds instead of us using our own fuel.


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If Trump Had Greenlighted Russia To Invade Ukraine Like Biden Just Did, He’d Be Accused Of Corruption


After Wednesday’s press conference, the Kremlin likely sees little risk to invading its western neighbor.

President Biden was actually operating from a coherent perspective in discussing Russia and Ukraine in Wednesday’s press conference: In every instance, as you go line-for-line in the transcript, his foreign policy—and the fact that he announced it to the world—is one where Russia has leverage over Biden and the president has a personal vendetta against the current Ukrainian government.

When asked whether sanctions would deter Vladimir Putin from attacking Ukraine, our commander in chiefrepliedthat Russia “will be held accountable if it invades,” but then clarified: “It depends on what it does. It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what…

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