“i ain’t no ways tired” OF USING TRUMP – Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Late night hosts are grasping at straws trying to claw their way up the rating ladder. It seems a conservative is the top-rated comedienne. OUCH!

They keep trying to use President Trump to pump up their bladder; but, are finding out “their dog don’t hunt anymore and he likes Trump.”

It seems they are hitting rock bottom and their fannies are flaming “red.”

Undoubtedly, these jerks don’t know much about real estate and values. The numbers that a land owner is given when paying for a estimate of worth that cover that property are conducted thru an appraiser who is paid and signs off on it.

The rest of the story – again, these lefties have been spouting these stories for how many years and expect people to laugh? Too funny.


Late night hosts feign shock that Trump and Rudy Giuliani are in hot water for various fraud allegations
Peter Weber


President Biden was inaugurated one year ago Thursday, and “to mark the occasion, for some reason he held a press conference today,” Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday’s Late Show. “Then again, he’s 79, I guess he’s always going to go for the early bird special.”

Late night hosts feign shock that Trump and Rudy Giuliani are in hot water for various fraud allegations

Meanwhile, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced “her office has uncovered significant evidence that the former president fraudulently valued multiple assets,” including claiming his 11,000-square-foot penthouse was 30,000 square feet, Colbert said. “That’s not surprise, he’s known for falsely tripling the size of his assets.”

(Does this lady know how to read or count square footage and what part you count for different reasons? IQ, please.)

Still, Donald Trump’s “biggest fraud continues to be his claim that he won re-election,” Colbert added. “The House select committee on Jan. 6 is busy getting to the bottom that lie, and yesterday they subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani.”

“You could tell Rudy’s not a very good lawyer because the first thing he did was google ‘what is a subpoena?'” Jimmy Fallon joked at The Tonight Show. “Meanwhile, if you google ‘Giuliani subpoena,’ they show you a clip from the Borat movie.”

(I guess these jerks haven’t receive the latest memo|.)

Different strokes for different folks!

Subpoenaing Giuliani “is unnecessary — all they need to do is say his name three times in the mirror, and he will appear,” Jimmy Kimmel quipped on Kimmel Live. “One year ago today, Donald Trump was still in the White House, throwing chicken nuggets at the TV, and one year from today he could be in jail,” he added. “The walls appear to be closing in on Trump — big, beautiful walls. Mexico’s like, ‘Let us know if you need us to chip in with that, muchachos.'” Kimmel feigned shock between clips of past Trump fraud cases.

“You know how when people are shocked, they spit out their water?” Seth Meyers asked on Late Night. “When I heard Donald Trump exaggerated the value of his assets for the purposes of lying to banks and the IRS, it was so the reverse of shocking, I sucked the water back into my mouth.” (There’s video.)

(And, you didn’t drown or choke?)

Trump shouldn’t have exaggerated the value of his apartment by $200 million, Trevor Noah said on The Daily Show. “But I can’t get mad at him for this, because deep down he’s just a landlord. And this is what every landlord in New York does. They’ll say an apartment has three bedrooms, and then you get there and two of the bedrooms are somehow in the kitchen, but it’s still the best deal for your budget so you sleep in the dishwasher.”

(Please, you fellas – you need a new writer for your jokes. They are as stale as BILLARY.)


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