Why is this necessary? Didn’t the Austin/TX city council vote to allow homelessness?

It doesn’t make sense or add up. In our homes and cities we have all kinds of inspections/zoning districts which people have to adhere to when we own a home or a place of business for the safety of people. But, yet, we allow homeless people in these areas who have no inspections for water, garbage or sewer. When purchasing a home in these areas, the homes have to be inspected upon purchase to turn on the gas, lights, and water and a complete home inspection is required when buying a home thru a lender.

So what gives – how do these homeless people live as they do on the street when it is not safe and disease and squalor surrounds those very people who have to have inspections whether it is businesses or residences.

Have I missed something here.

This photo shows how people live – is this sanitary or where are the inspections that go along with these HOMES?

Those people who endorse this should be voted out of office because this is what makes for the spreading of disease.

Making people live in these squalor areas when they should be set up in a house or a shelter is inhumane.

Where are the inspections?


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