KOMMONSENTSJANE – In a possibly illegal move – Biden’s White House told employers to enforce the mandate anyway.

TIME OUT – Biden is not a KING!

Biden Orders Businesses to Ignore Supreme Court Decision on Vax Mandates: ‘You Must FIRE Unjabbed Employees’

January 14, 2022 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US

Biden admin orders businesses to ignore Supreme Court ruling and fire employees who refuse the jab

The Biden administration has ordered private businesses to ignore the recent Supreme Court decision that ruled vaccine mandates were unconstitutional.

In a possibly illegal move, Biden’s White House told employers to enforce the mandate anyway.

White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki said the Biden administration would “not be deterred” by the Supreme Court decision, and urged employers to immediately continue to “initiate vaccination requirements.”


What would happen if Congress and the President conspired to ignore a Supreme Court ruling?

The only Constitutional remedy is for Congress to impeach the President.

Most administrative remedies, such as the Supreme Court issuing an arrest warrant, run into the problem that the President runs the executive branch which would enforce the remedy. There’s no Constitutional provision for the President to be arrested, or for officials to act against the President’s instructions on the orders of the Supreme Court, but it could happen.

Historically Presidents have ignored the Supreme Court without consequence. But I could see circumstances in which that would be unlikely. If people suspected the President were mentally impaired, for example, of if the Presidents orders were manifestly evil, corrupt or irrational.

Again, Biden is not a King.


Too funny – Nixon was impeached for being responsible for breaking into the DNC Hdqtrs. Look at what the country has been through with Obama/Biden/Billary/media techs/Schumer/Pelosi for four years and even now.

Nixon’s crime was a walk in the park compared to the Dem-wit’s lawlessness/ crimes. Am I missing something? Will it take 16 years to “crack the Dem-wit nuts”?



Impeachment process against Richard Nixon

The process was formally initiated on February 6, 1974, when the House granted the Judiciary Committee authority to investigate whether sufficient grounds existed to impeach Nixon of high crimes and misdemeanors under Article II, Section 4, of the United States Constitution. This investigation was undertaken one year after the United States Senate established the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities to investigate the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex during the 1972 presidential election, and the Republican Nixon administration’s attempted cover-up of its involvement; during those hearings the scope of the scandal became apparent and the existence of the Nixon White House tapes was revealed.

Can we take these people seriously? Too funny but sad for our country which is being run outside the Constitution.

What to do – what to do? Who is in charge?


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