The people who earn their way by working hard in America have a champion, President Trump, who is committed to protecting them from the selfish takers who would rather live off of someone else’s hard work.


7 Reasons the Left’s Hatred of Trump Is So Deep
Terry PaulsonTerry Paulson|Posted: Feb 24, 2020 12:01 AM
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7 Reasons the Left’s Hatred of Trump Is So Deep

President Trump’s popularity is higher than before the Democrats’ impeachment debacle began, and that continues to frustrate and outrage the leftists in our midst.

Like Wile E. Coyote learns over-and-over again, no matter what he does, the Roadrunner just keeps tweeting on down the road at record speed. They’ve worked to impeach Trump since he took office and finally achieved it, only to have him exonerated by the Senate. They’ve mocked him, his tweets, and his priorities. They’ve drowned him in negative media coverage. They’ve called him a narcissist, a tyrant, and an uncaring fraud. But nothing is working, and the rage in the social media just grows by the day as there are growing signs that no Democrat is in a position to stop his march to a second term.

Why such deep hatred?

l. Nothing works in derailing this president, and it’s driving leftists crazy. From accusation after accusation spread by an anti-Trump media to flimsy articles of impeachment, their attacks miss the mark. Now, just months before an election, Trump’s supporters, like mad hornets, are ready to rush to the polls to give their verdict to the Democrats’ impeachment fiasco.

2. Leftists realize that many voted for Trump because they wanted anyone but Hillary Clinton. But now, his supporters are amazed at how much this street-fighting outsider has been able to get done!

He’s delivered what many past Republicans have just succeeded in talking about.

From cutting taxes and regulations to stimulating our economy and from appointing conservative federal judges to fostering energy independence, supporters can’t wait to see what Trump can accomplish in a second term. The left is frustrated that Trump has delivered a track record that’s hard to beat.

3.The left has run up against a president where name-calling doesn’t work. Trump doesn’t care if he’s not liked by the left or the “fake” news. His enemies keep trying to find something he’s done that will stick. But when leftists level an attack, it’s like water rolling off a duck’s back.

His opponents look at each other in amazement with but one plea—“Quick! Go find something else before the election!”

4. Trump bypasses the media and goes directly to the people. He’s not dependent upon a hostile media to get his message out. Trump’s tweets and rallies keep his faithful fed with the information he wants them to celebrate. He doesn’t let Democrats get away with their lies.

Trump lets voters know that America is exceptional, that patriotism is good, that all lives matter, and that jobs matter to all races, genders, or classes.

5. Trump is piece by piece dismantling the socialist, entitlement transformation President Obama started to build. With Democratic candidates moving further to the left and talking “democratic” socialism, President Trump has made it clear—”America will never be a socialist country!”

The people who earn their way by working hard in America have a champion committed to protecting them from the selfish takers who would rather live off of someone else’s hard work.

6. President Trump is taking on the task of getting rid of the “deep state” bureaucrats embedded in the federal government.

The democratic stronghold of overpaid bureaucrats around Washington are afraid. He’s promised to fire those who are not necessary and end duplication of departments and programs. That means getting rid of more unnecessary regulations and the overpaid busybodies who enforce them.

7.While Democrats talk about giving benefits to illegal aliens, President Trump talks about continuing to build his border wall and updating America’s immigration process. Citizenship counts and should not be granted easily. He values immigration and what legal immigrants should and can bring to our country to make America stronger but has no plans on making it easy on illegal immigrants.

In short, leftists are fuming. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is giving them headaches that are showing no signs of going away. With his growing popularity and their uninspiring, progressive candidates,

Democrats are feeling helpless and increasingly hopeless.

If conservatives were facing a liberal president as effective in transforming America as Trump is in preserving it, we’d feel the same way. Let’s do everything we can to keep this man in office and, this election, give him control of the House and the Senate. He deserves four more years, and America’s future depends on it.


Yes, he does deserves four more years – plus the four the Dem-wits stole from him by cheating and using Hammer/Score Board.


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