KOMMONSENTSJANE – Why is Fauci Still the Head of the CDC?

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This is called “GENOCIDE” by Pelosi/Fauci and should be treated as such. The Dem-wit leotards and China have used a bio-weapon on the world and we all continue to follow their instructions to help in their cause. What is wrong with our thinking? Is this self-destruction?

We allowed them to kill 3.5 million babies with abortion and even more.  When that was stopped  – they resorted to Covid and now look at the number of people who have been killed with it under the leadership of China/Pelosi/Fauci.  What is the answer?


Trump:The American Years

Fauci KNEW China was doing GOF research and was working to genetically alter a virus to be especially lethal and transmissible. I’ll put that in plain English. They [the CCP]were developing a biological WEAPON at the Wuhan Lab and he KNEW it.

Fauci made sure the Wuhan lab was funded for GOF research. I’ll put that in plain English. He helped pay for the development of the Coronavirus that caused the pandemic.

Fauci supported the theory the Coronavirus was transmitted from a bat or at least supported it by his silence. I’ll put that in plain English. He lied.

Fauci first said masks were not necessary. He had good reason to say that. He didn’t want people to know how dangerous the Coronavirus was because he was involved in its development. I’ll put that in plain English. Fauci was trying to down play the virus and cover up his role…

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