Must have missed the class covering The Constitution/Bill of Rights.

Geraldo has always gotten up on the left side of the bed. He pretends to be whatever is fashionable for his own ego.


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Geraldo Rivera Says Americans Have No Rights

(RoyalPatriot.com )- During Fox News’ Hannity this week, Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino got into a heated exchange about individual liberty and vaccine mandates which ended with Geraldo’s stunning declaration “You have no individual rights when it comes to the vaccine.”


The COVID pandemic has been quite an eye-opener, hasn’t it?

We have discovered that far too many Americans were not only willing to surrender their freedoms but also have no problem demanding everyone else surrender their freedoms as well.

And it isn’t just coming from dopes like Geraldo Rivera, is it?

President Biden himself has, on more than one occasion, dismissed the idea of individual liberty when it comes to COVID vaccinations.

Back in September, when he announced his OSHA mandate for businesses with over one hundred employees, President Biden said it had nothing to do with freedom or personal choice.

He went even further during his October 21 town hall on CNN, mocking people who use personal freedom as an argument against getting vaccinated. As if “freedom” and “liberty” are a joke.

So, no. Geraldo isn’t alone.

This is what the fearmongering over COVID has done.

Americans stood by while states shut down their economy, drove people from their jobs, and forced children out of schools.

Those who pushed back were called “grandma killers.”

When people in Michigan protested against Governor Whitmer’s draconian lockdown rules, the media accused them of being terrorists.

The very bedrock of this nation’s founding was dismissed. Your rights no longer apply.

Bongino is right in that clip. The constitution is not a suggestion. The Bill of Rights does not contain the caveat “May not apply during a pandemic.”

But the dirty secret is, for people like Geraldo Rivera or Joe Biden, the Bill of Rights has always been seen as an obstacle. It isn’t that they don’t think it applies during a pandemic. They don’t want it to ever apply.

The pandemic just gave them the pretense they needed to toss it aside.

When COVID disappears, this disregard for the Individual Liberty of American citizens won’t disappear with it. As syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly has often pointed out, once they gain that kind of power, they will never give it up.


“The secret to happiness is freedom…. And the secret to freedom is courage.”.

Something that is missing with Geraldo because it is always about what is best for his own ego.


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