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The fork in the road is when a human being does not distinguish right from wrong by using their brain. Do all parents teach their children the difference? Are all people born with the same brain for learning? That is where IQ tests come into the picture and people don’t want IQ tests because it parts the waves. Inequity surrounds us because the Dem-wits don’t want the truth because they would end up without any shoe laces.

Why are the Jews in the U.S. – liberals? And, the Jews in Israel – not? Or is that not true. We must stress that one person, if it is just one person, spreading false hoods about good and evil like you speak – why would we not call him out – as you have – and call him a begot who drank the kool-aide. Even in the Catholic religion there is division – starting at the top which is baffling and the U.S. has a different view.


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An Orthodox Rabbi Writes That People are Basically Good — Judaism is in Trouble


By DENNIS PRAGER Published on January 11, 2022 AT THE STREAM!

Dennis Prager

The Algemeiner, a Jewish publication I highly respect, published a column about Judaism that is not merely wrong; it actually advances a thesis that is the opposite of what Judaism teaches.

That fact alone would not have prompted me to write a rebuttal. What prompts me is that the column was written by an Orthodox rabbi. It is sad enough that many non-Orthodox rabbis have been influenced more by their secular/Left educations than by the Torah. But when a rabbi identified as “centrist Orthodox” distorts one of the most important and normative ideas in Judaism, and is published in a major Jewish journal, we might be in trouble. Of course, he might be an outlier. But I don’t think he is unique…

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