KOMMONSENTSJANE – Biden Reportedly Eyeing Executive Orders On Police Reform

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This is happening in all of the Dem-Wit states – even in a red state CITY called Austin, TX., and then they can’t quite understand why CRIME HAS GONE THRU THE ROOF. Remember the number of people who left CA and moved to Austin where (did they cheat) they elected a liberal mayor and I don’t know how many liberals as council persons. People NEED TO avoid the city for that reason.

Remember their motto is;


They made a mess of CA and now they are trying in Austin.





Ashe Schow 3 – 4 minutes

President Joe Biden has had a terrible few months, with numerous aspects of his agenda getting blocked in congress by even members of his own party. Perhaps needing to show he has accomplished something ahead of the midterm elections, it now appears Biden will sign some executive actions on police reform.

CNBC News reported that the president may be planning to sign the executive actions as early as this month, in preparation for February being Black History Month. The outlet noted that the executive actions would follow Biden and Democrats’ failed attempt to federalize voting laws, which they refer to as “voting rights.”

“The focus on police reforms is part of what appears to be a last-ditch effort by the Biden administration to take action on some of the president’s signature initiatives in the run-up to his State of the Union Address on…

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