KOMMONSENTSJANE – Biden is urged to eliminate land-based nuclear missiles, as US policy is revised.

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It is supposed to act as a deterrent. Should we sit by and wait for an attack with no protection like Pearl Harbor – which would be too late?  We could all go live in a cave?  Or live in outer space when housing is available.



Biden Urged to Eliminate Land-Based Nuclear Missiles as US Policy Is Revised, https://truthout.org/articles/biden-urged-to-eliminate-land-based-nuclear-missiles-as-us-policy-is-revised/?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=e59d913f-a733-43f1-8c81-c99670e89de9Mike LudwigTruthout,

As the Biden administration considers changes to Trump-era nuclear policy, 60 national and regional organizations released a statement this week calling for the elimination of 400 land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that are “now armed and on hair-trigger alert in the United States.”

“Intercontinental ballistic missiles are uniquely dangerous, greatly increasing the chances that a false alarm or miscalculation will result in nuclear war,” the statement reads. “There is no more important step the United States could take to reduce the chances of a global nuclear holocaust than to eliminate its ICBMs.”

Progressives,scientistsand some Democrats in Congress are also pushing President Joe Biden, who haspledged to reduceU.S. reliance on nuclear weapons in its defense strategy, toadopt a “no first use” policyand declare that the U.S. will…

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