KOMMONSENTSJANE – We Need “CRT” to Understand the Midwest – Too. True – but – not under a DEMOCRAT hate system and pushing the folks thru our educational without learning. Need IQ TESTS. Look at us now?

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Information has to be disseminated in an orderly fashion – not under a system of hate which is happening at the present time.

I believe Dr. James Manning hit it on the head when he said that black people have a difficult time accepting truth simply because they are black. That’s right, black people are involved and it is impossible for the average black person to believe the truth. They refuse to believe that a black boy could be in the wrong when it comes to a white Hispanic. Blackness is the apex of victimhood and our blackness is above truth, above our Christianity, above our God, above our Holy Spirit, so that means if our blackness is above the Holy Spirit, then it is above Truth. This is so important for everyone to know this so they can understand why this Trayvon and Zimmerman case is where it is today and why blacks refuse to believe what really happened.

We also need to incorporate IQ TESTING in our work place applications. Also stop pushing people thru the educational system without the proper testing.

We can’t continue as we are currently handling the country because “enough will never be enough” for some people. They have to participate and do their part – which is not happening, now.  They want everything free.


The Activist History Review

by Bradley J. Sommer, Ph.D.

As Republican legislators, both state and local, continue to wage all-out war on Critical Race Theory (real and imagined) and indeed on the very idea of education, looking at the past becomes not only politically dangerous but morally and ethically essential. Disingenuous attacks on the “liberalizing” of curricula have started to politicize what historians previously considered to be statements of pure fact: the cause of the American Civil War, the existence of the Holocaust, the legacy of racism in America. Facts which most of us took for granted as facts are recast as opinions, equal in legitimacy, if not in evidence, to the most extreme conspiracy theories. Many of these now “contested” facts are easily verified upon even cursory inspection of the past. The existence of these facts, while certainly a point of attack on their own, is not at the core of Republican ire…

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