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For your information. Only illiterates are allowed in the Democratic Party – especially – thinkers are excluded. You have to pass a test to show that you are able to lie, loot, cheat, burn, or steal.


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mascot donkey and republican headsAs we have all seen over the last several years many of America’s career criminals who hold office as Democrats have worked hard at making this a country in which more and more occupations and professional positions are realistically cut off for anyone who is not a Democrat or does not enthusiastically endorse AND work for Democrat-affiliated organizations. (Joe Biden is even overseeing a political purge of the military by declaring that insufficient zeal for Biden is “extremism.”)

One of the ways that Democrats have done this is by pretending that ONLY women, gay or trans people and people of color who adhere to Democrat talking points are the “authentic voices” of their “communities.”

Power-holding Democrats don’t really mean it when they say they want “diversity.” They really just want a country run by male, female, gay, trans and colored Democrats. No independent thinkers are welcome from among…

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