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It has been proven that you do not have to shut down any business to take care of Omicron variant which is like the flu. Nor should our country have been shutdown. But, it was part of the Globalists’ plan to shut down the world to hurt all countries economically and bend to their will. But, it didn’t work completely because here we are – STILL STANDING.

Wonder how they built this virus to continue sending out “off shoots,” one right after another. Or, is it like the rest of the JUNK CHINA builds – just a pile of junk science built by rats with rats as the guinea pigs NOT KNOWING WHAT THE RESULTS WILL BE ON THE PEOPLE and now waiting for the U.S. to find/build the answer – so they can steal it, build it, and claim it for their own.

What is so strange – China did this to the world with Fauci/Pelosi as the money sponsor and not one country in the world is putting China on notice for using chemical warfare to shutdown the world.

What is going on? Time to rethink China’s virus with a strategy of our own, isn’t it? Is the world going to allow them to get by with this?

They are guilty as hell.


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China shuts down city of 14 million as Omicron begins to spread

JOHN SEXTON  at HotAir: Jan 10, 2022 9:20 PM ET Share Tweet

Tianjin is a port city of 14-million people located just 70 miles southeast of Beijing. So when COVID cases were detected in Tianjin there was an immediate decision to test everyone in the city to make sure the virus couldn’tspread to the capital.

Officials in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin, near Beijing, said on Sunday thatits entire population of 14 millionwould be tested for the coronavirus after it was found in 20 residents, at least two of whom were infected with the fast-moving Omicron variant.

Mass testing over the weekend revealed another 20 people with the coronavirus, according to a report late Sunday by the city’s official news service…

Li Hongzhong, the Communist Party secretary for Tianjin, vowed that the…

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