KOMMONSENTSJANE – Is Hillary Attorney Marc Elias in Legal Jeopardy Alongside Attorney Michael Sussmann? Is This Why He Left Perkins Coie?

Recalling the past will help focus on the present.

Is Hillary Attorney Marc Elias in Legal Jeopardy Alongside Attorney Michael Sussmann? Is This Why He Left Perkins Coie?
By Joe Hoft
Published September 19, 2021 at 1:40pm

Hillary attorney Marc Elias was involved in nearly every 2020 Election court case representing the Democrats. We saw Elias in not one but two cases in Georgia with corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Elias signed agreements with corrupt Wisconsin Republicans like Speaker Robin Vos to allow drop boxes for ballots in the Wisconsin 2020 Election. Of course, Vos wasn’t legally eligible to sign and such an agreement.

Elias meddled in North Carolina before the 2020 Election:

Elias was sanctioned in Texas for his election actions.

Then Elias and Perkins Coie showed up in Arizona after the election to stop the Maricopa County audit.

But surprisingly Elias left Perkins Coie and started his own entity a month ago. On a Sunday in August, Perkins Coie announced Elias had left the firm.

Famed election rights lawyer Marc Elias has departed Perkins Coie to strike out on his own, as the law firm said it would continue advising clients on campaign finance and other political matters.

Elias, 10 other Perkins Coie partners and three counsel left the firm to form Elias Law Group, Perkins Coie announced Sunday. The new Washington, D.C.-based firm, which will also have an office in Perkins Coie’s hometown of Seattle, will represent candidates, party committees, political committees, nonprofit organizations, entities and voters. It will also back Democratic candidates and supporting voting rights.

Did Elias leave because he is in legal jeopardy? Is this why his departure was released to the press on a Sunday? Does it have anything to do with his actions involving Hillary Clinton and the fake Russia collusion lies to the FBI along with Sussman?


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