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Agree one hundred percent that we need “fresh blood” not more tainted blood. Especially, in Texas with another Bush announcing he wants to run for Attorney General. Let’s clear the deck with these dynasties who have corrupted the governments.

Take a look at our government at the moment with Liz Cheney, and Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, both posing as a Republican and now working with Pelosi to try to take down President Trump.  These are the kind of people we vote for who are not conservatives but RINO’S.  Look how many of those rino’s we have in our party who always vote with the Democrats.  Something has to be done.  Are we going to continue allowing the Republican Party end up being the laughing stock of our nation?

I don’t see how any of these rino’s can look at themselves in the mirror and think they are honest by always trying to fool the people in this nation.  What hypocrites.  Cheney is just trying to be another Hillary Clinton.

Isn’t the rest of the reps in this party tired of this “almost winning.”


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Seriously people, lets throw partisan politics and the party candidates out on their tails for just a moment or for good.   Aren’t you tired of it?   Look where we have gotten.   Democrats point the finger and blame Republicans.  Republicans point the finger and blame Democrats.  Its’s constant and has and always will be that way.  They scream and holler publicly, but then kiss each others ass behind closed doors and accomplish very little.

With Hillary……..we all know what she is, what she stands for, herself!  She stands on the Clinton name, her corruption and scandals, have escaped her how?  Because those in position to do anything are corrupt.  This isn’t just about Hillary………..our system, our entire system is full of corruption.  Who is to blame?  We are, we don’t hold them accountable.  That is on us.

I am fed up, with the same names, the same families…

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