KOMMONSENTSJANE – What Are The Liar Lefties Up To This Time Of Election Season?

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You can bet your bottom dollar whatever it is – the left is planning – it is to cheat. The word honesty is not in their playbook. From the time they are brought into this world – the lefties drum “hate the whitey’s”.  We can continue to send them through school without any formal training, give them the keys to kingdom; but, it is ingrained in their mind from the beginning that “they have been wronged.”

At the present time, the left and the right have turned the government over to them to run and look at the blue states – nothing but mayhem. As the old saying goes, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Check out history – what have they built in the past. Thirteen percent of the population and we continue walking down the path, blindly, think we can make them LIKE/RESPECT each other. Like/respect is not built in their structure. If we continue giving in to them and not allowing them to earn their way – they will take us with them to the bottomless pit of failure. We have to stop thinking we can help them – they have to help themselves.


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The Real Danger in 2024

Voting rights legislation is admirable. But to protect the integrity of elections, we must first ensure partisans can’t overrule the results.

Alexander H Cohen14 hr ago at Persuasion1916

A year has now passed since the January 6 Capitol assault failed to prevent the certification of Joe Biden as president of the United States. Donald Trump’s political machine has spent that time busily planning to recapture power in 2024. Much attention has been given to the industrious Republican-led rollback of voting rights in many states. Far less notice has been given to the more insidious ploys to seize control of the certification process itself and thereby de-legitimize the election. Both will affect the outcome in 2024, but the latter presents a potentially fatal blow to our electoral system. While the future of democracy may well be at stake, we are not focusing enough…

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