KOMMONSENTSJANE – Will That Wicked Witch From The West RETIRE AT LAST?

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Damsel in distress Pelosi is feeling the heat. She has found out “she is a typical Democrat – they sure know how to run everything into the ground, poop up the place, tear up the playground, and run away to sunny FLORIDA.   It all started when she tore up the President’s speech and showed her colors and they certainly weren’t red/white/blue. What was the name of her game called: RUSSIA/RUSSIA.  King’s X!  Her new hideaway – a Gazillion dollar hut bought with scooped up call options in – of all places – Florida.  Too funny!  Remember – she broke CA!


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Former Black Panther in House will not seek re-election, will Pelosi follow suit?

KAREN TOWNSENDJan 04, 2022 at HotAir:

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The only Democrat to beat Barack Obama in an election will not seek re-election in 2022. Rep. Bobby Rush was first elected to represent his district in the South Side of Chicago in 1992. Rush says it is time to go home and enjoy time with his grandchildren.

Rush is the most senior Illinois House lawmaker and is considered the dean of the Illinois delegation. When Barack Obama challenged him in the 2000 Democratic primary, he lost to Rush. This is a notable retirement for House Democrats not only because this is a longtime member of Congress who is packing it in but it is also an acknowledgment of the coming red wave in 2022. This announcement brings the number of House Democrats who are not seeking…

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