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Why was he allowed to weaken our military? It is not too late to “haul” him in as a citizen.


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Obama’s military strategy for keeping America great has been to downsize.   U.S. military strength has decreased under Obama.  The Army is down approximately 10% to 450,000 personnel since Obama took office.   The Air Force has the smallest and oldest  force of combat aircraft in our history.  Navy aging and inadequate. The Marines are down nearly 1/3 of battalions, making it more difficult to meet daily operational demands.   Weapons and machinery are being removed from service.  Obama has reined in development and deployment of our ballistic missile defenses all while the world, including the U.S., faces terrorists threats, like no other period in history.  * Info from James Carafano of the Daily Signal.

Officers in our armed forces are doubtful the U.S. can win a war.   In a year we will only be able to deploy two carrier groups worldwide, down from three currently and five a…

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