KOMMONSENTSJANE – Vax Induced Mass Death: Funeral Director Predicts Covid Camps and Jab Genocide

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My feelings are this has been planned and something Obama/Hillary only accelerated. The only life those two cherish is their only. Plain and simple. Obama is leading the packs of Democrat wild animals.


Flurry of Thoughts

Nearly two years into this “pandemic,” there’s one question that remains crucial and is still unanswered: Was this pandemic really an “accident,” or was it planned by someone, somewhere, for some specific purpose. British funeral Director John O’Looney believes he knows the answer to that question. He believes he saw the planning for the pandemic well underway even before Covid-19 even emerged. He also has a fascinating theory about the real intent of the Covid-19 vaccines. Here’s what he said.

Source: Vax Induced Mass Death: Funeral Director Predicts Covid Camps and Jab Genocide

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