KOMMONSENTSJANE – “If I compromise on the principle of bodily autonomy for myself and instead accept manipulation and coercion as an acceptable medical practice, I would also be forced to accept that for my patients, for my colleagues, and even for my family and friends; and for this reason I cannot support vaccine mandates even if that means I will lose my job and my career over it”

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Why are doctors not discussing what is available to give/take if you do get Covid? There are remedies but when asked – the reply is, ” I am not a Covid doctor. The medical association is failing the people and living up to their oath.

Thanks to those doctors who are speaking out and helping people over come this disease which was deliberately put on the people by the world’s governments in collusion with the globalists.



American Buddhist Net

A brave NHS GP Speaking out against Vaccine Mandates

Thank you @NHS100K

How can the NHS and the government possibly justify this policy?

Why is natural immunity never even mentioned?

It is unacceptable


Originally tweeted by Together (@Togetherdec) on December 28, 2021.

A clear moral statement and a clear moral stand. Body and mind act as one, drawing on the power of clear, undefilable consciousness. Always a beautiful thing to behold. Take heart sad reader, the tide is turning in our favor. ABN

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