KOMMONSENTSJANE – Joe Rogan rips into CNN and exposes something big.

Normally, I don’t send out money requests; but, this is one that would help us:

For you information:

Joe Rogan has experienced the full power of the Fake News media machine and is out for revenge.

Ever since Rogan took Ivermectin, a doctor prescribed medicine, to treat his case of COVID, CNN blasted him for taking “horse dewormer” and spread lies about Rogan’s medical treatment. Rogan has since threatened to SUE the Fake News agency!

However, that’s not the full story. Rogan is now exposing the Leftwing Media for something big.

In a recent episode, Joe Rogan revealed to millions of listeners that Bill Gates has spent over $319 million influencing Fake News media organizations. These organizations include BBC, Al-Jazeera (an Anti-American news outlet based in the Middle East), The Atlantic, and many more.

Joe Rogan is right.

You and I must expose liars in the Leftwing Media.

The Media Research Center (MRC) is the ONLY conservative organization exposing the Leftwing Media’s bias, holding them accountable, and WINNING the fight. Please invest in MRC’s efforts by donating $20.22, $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or any amount today >>>

My name is Brent Bozell, I am the Founder and President of the Media Research Center and am proud to stand side by side with Joe Rogan in this fight.

Thanks to decades of work, MRC has SHATTERED trust and faith in the Leftwing Media. In fact, according to polling, less than 10% of Americans believe what they hear in the media anymore!

However, media companies such as CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and others have become hyper agenda-driven and don’t even pretend to be balanced anymore.

Leftwing Media liars are trying to determine the outcome of our elections, pass trillion-dollar spending bills, subject our children to Critical Race Theory, and CENSOR free speech… This has become one of our Republic’s greatest threats…

This is why I have committed my life to combat the Fake News Media. Please click here to help me raise $25,000 for the Media Research Center. You can donate $20.22, $50, $100, $250 or ANY amount by clicking here >>>

How does the Media Research Center fight back against the Fake News media? Allow me to tell you:

MRC records all Fake News media outlets to identify lies, half-truths, and lies of omission. We have over 800,000 hours of recorded video and audio from TV, radio, and podcasts.

We expose the truth and show everyday Americans how the Fake News media is using their influence to enact socialism, advocate for Critical Race Theory, and sabotage conservatives.

MRC is combatting online censorship by building MASSIVE social media pages to distribute the truth. I am proud to report MRC’s social media team has several MILLION followers and we reach millions of Americans each week with our message.

I am proud of MRC’s accomplishments and believe we can defeat the Fake News Media machine.

The Media Research Center helped…

Fire the Cuomo brothers from their jobs on CNN and as Governor by exposing their cooperation and disgusting behavior.

Expose the Hunter Biden Laptop story to MILLIONS of voters.

Record ALL of Hillary Clinton’s lies throughout her career and spread the truth about the Clinton Foundation.

Spread the truth to millions of Americans with our world-class social media operations.

I am asking you to join our fight against the Fake News Media machine. Please help me raise $25,000 before our End-of-Year deadline by using one of the links I’ve copied below:

Donate $20.22 >>>
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Donate ANY Amount >>>

Friend, Americans are waking up to the threat of Fake News and Big Tech.

If more people learn about why people like Bill Gates fund media operations, how CNN lies, and the shady “journalism” practices of the media elite… We can win this battle.

But our success hinges on your support.

Unlike these unethical Leftwing Media companies, Bill Gates does not send us millions of dollars. MRC is funded by men and women who love America, believe in free speech and want our country to remain free and prosperous.

Please consider donating any amount before our End-of-Year deadline.

Here is the link to donate one more time.

Thank you,



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