Have you noticed when a driver passes you going over 80 miles an hour and then you stop at the next light and he is sitting there waiting for the light to change and you pull up beside him and the light changes. Then he zooms into the darkness of night?

Why were the speed zone increased to 80 miles per hour? Since the Democrats are in charge – they want a lot of people to kill themselves by speeding. Plain and simple or why else wouldn’t the government have sensible speeds. They are using Covid to kill the rest. They lost out on abortion and had to find something else.



In 2019, 9,478 Americans died as a result of drivers speeding, more than a quarter of all traffic fatalities that year. Speed limits were created to avoid situations like this.

(A Democrat communist thought process – speed limits were created to avoid situations like this. That is just too funny.)

Yet, millions of Americans continue to speed every year. Many experts argue that the current speed limits might be too unrealistic and arbitrary to have any impact on how fast people drive.

(Turn back the speed limits. If you want to drive 80 mph – join a racing club. Your time is what everyone has – 24 hours/day and how you spend or lose it is up to you. There were those who did not use it sensibly and lost their lives and also caused innocent victims to lose theirs.)


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