KOMMONSENTSJANE – 318 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, 178 Dead After COVID Shot (List)

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318 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, 178 Dead After COVID Shot (List).

What is Fauci’s goal – kill how many, you say?

Even one is too many and it is called murder.  Strange that our physicians have not been given any kind of medicine for people when they come down with it.  In the past, if you were ill you went to your doctor and he gave you antibiotics to make you better.  Instead they are offering booster shots or the vaccine – why don’t they offer the cure?


The Mad Jewess

318 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, 178 Dead After COVID Shot (List)

The genocidal Communists just keep pushing the vaccine and ignoring these deaths. The ‘news’ does not report on it and the Commies just keep pushing the mantra. This leads me to now believe – 100% – that this is a manufactured plandemic and intentional murder.

See the list in this post:

All of these athletes died for FAUCI & PHARMA

Fauci the Fraud and the mask-demic

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