Why bother at all? It is just the Democrats Marxists way to keep students ‘fat and dumb.”

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Dec 12 2021
California Schools Phase Out D and F Grades

California educrats have taken a Gordian Knot approach to the failure of so many students to master even the most basic material. An ingenious new policy guarantees that no student will receive a D or an F.

Via EdSource:

Los Angeles Unified, Oakland Unified, Sacramento City Unified and other districts are considering phasing out grades below a C for high school students. If a student fails a test or doesn’t complete their homework, they’ll be able to retake the test and get more time to turn in assignments. The idea is to encourage students to learn the course material and not be derailed by a low grade that could potentially disqualify them from admission to the University of California and California State University.

Blowing off homework and failing tests are not reasons to be held back from spending a few years marinating in moonbattery at public expense in California universities rather than finding suitable work.

The Covid overreaction serves as a pretext, but as usual when it comes to the war on merit, racial politics plays a role:

Although education reform advocates have been pushing for this for years, the pandemic offered an opportunity for districts to put it into action. With so many students languishing academically after a year of distance learning, districts see dropping D’s and F’s as a way to help students who had been most impacted by the pandemic, especially Black, Latino and low-income students.

The soft bigotry of low expectations does no favors for politically preferred identity groups when they are allowed to skate through without trying. Unless they all become teachers or politicians, they will eventually have to demonstrate competence.

But only by eliminating objective standards can we achieve equity.

Grades can open doors to advanced classes and are the primary component of college admissions, especially since universities like UC and CSU temporarily dropped standardized tests as part of the admissions criteria.

The only criteria left will be identity politics.

Why not save the taxpayers some money by giving all the students A’s in advance and then closing down the schools? They wouldn’t learn much less.


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