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Where is the leftist media – hiding like cowards at the OK CORRAL.

First, it was DEMOCRAT/RUSSIA/RUSSIA/BILLARY HOAX exposed now the SMOLLETT HOAX.  Next, is – all of these people who are committing these crimes have to be held accountable.


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Jussie Smollett fake news hatIf you missed it, Jussie Smollett was found guilty in his trial over the consequences of his hate hoax from a few years back when he and some accomplices faked an attack by alleged “Trump supporters in MAGA hats” in the latest in a long line of such Hate Crime Hoaxes in America. For a list of over 170 more such hoaxes click HERE.

The doltish Smollett even did a rehearsal of the fake crime, a rehearsal that was captured on film. The black men he hired to pretend to be his white attackers testified against him, too. All of this would be laughable if not for the toxic effect such race-baiting hoaxes continue to have in this country.

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