Are these lefties talking about the Democrat/XI Chinese virus they put on the people all over the world. Did anyone report that they caught the XI-CHINESE VIRUS? Are these people running out of mud to sling? HO/HUM – Headlong Lickety Lickety split!


Analysis: Trump Came in Contact With 500 After Positive Test
NewserEvann GastaldoDec 6, 2021, 6:48 AM

Donald Trump’s former chief of staff claims the former POTUS tested positive for COVID-19 six days prior to the positive test that was actually announced by the White House—and if that’s true, the Washington Post estimates Trump came in contact with 500 people between that test and the positive test that was revealed to the world.

But Trump has denied Meadows’ claim, and Meadows himself walked it back last week, saying through a spokesperson that the positive test mentioned in Meadows’ book was clearly a “false positive,” though the book also describes Trump as appearing to have a “slight cold” that day and being obviously fatigued for the next week.

A second test that same day came back negative, so Trump continued to campaign as planned. Meanwhile, others in his orbit, from aides to members of the White House press corps, started getting felled by their own positive tests and illnesses; the count was more than two dozen by the end of October.

Awh – really? You can do better than this. You are so boring.


Come on you Easter bunnies, report the real news like about the economy, inflation, and the border – this has to be one of those non-journalist reporting this?


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