KOMMONSENTSJANE – Fox News Host Claims Jesse Waters Was Promoting “Drunk History” By Criticizing Biden

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Fox News Host Claims Jesse Waters Was Promoting “Drunk History” By Criticizing Biden

(FreedomBeacon.com)- On Monday, popular Fox News host Jesse Watters said that the American economy only looks as though it’s doing well because president Joe Biden has dumped some $2 trillion into businesses that were only just beginning to reopen after being forced to shut down for months.

He thinks the economy looks like it’s doing well? Really?

During a discussion on “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld said that the president had bailed on a speech about inflation because Democrats are terrified that the supply chain problems are going to cost them in next year’s midterm elections. He added that Biden was meant to appear on camera and reassure the American people, after meeting with some of the most powerful CEOs in the country, that inflation would be a temporary issue and things would soon return to normal, but he quickly canceled that speech.

He asked Watters what he thought canceling the speech meant.

Watters responded by joking that he’s “surprised” America still has a supply chain crisis when Biden promised to “fix it” by keeping the ports open.

“What happened to that great fix two months ago?” he asked.

Good point.

He then explained how no country had ever shut down entire industries because of a pandemic, and that it was strangely convenient that America has already moved so much manufacturing to China – and then warned that Biden was only making things appear as though they’re OK by pumping huge sums of money into the economy.

“So everybody stayed home, and so as we came back up, Joe dropped $2 trillion in like – I don’t know, the same month as the economy reopened the pier that is like fiscal methamphetamines and we go just — right to the moon and then inflation, the economists are like, ‘Oh, my God, I didn’t see this coming. It’s like the only profession they get paid to not see things coming. Always unexpected when you’re an economist,” he explained.

Hard to argue with, right?

Gutfeld responded by calling him “more entertaining than drunk history,” and left-wing agitator Geraldo Rivera then claimed he “sounded like drunk history.”

Some people just don’t like the truth.


Rivera has to give up his jig with Fox because he believes in Marxism but yet uses capitalism to get rich. He can’t have it both ways. He is suppose to be poor. He criticizes capitalism and promotes Marxism. So which is it?


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