Charity is a good thing; but, you have to build your own foundation before you can help others. At the present time, the politicians have over extended our government to such an amount that we are in trouble. We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees; but, we have a woke uneducated party who was put in power by the corporate world power under false pretenses and was part of the XI virus which stagnated the whole world and which were their intentions to bow to their wishes and make us slaves to them.

This is the position and what we are reelecting politicians to do this country.


You cannot support the whole world when your own foundation is not stable. The U.S. has tried to support their own economy with wars by playing the bread basket/protector role and because the leader controlled the mud-playing they could not win any of the wars after WWII.

It is time for the workers to return to their jobs and stop accepting government money we don’t have.

The governments of Clinton/Bush/Obama have put this country in grave danger.

Take a look at the Biden/Obama foundation right now. They are spending the borrowed money like tainted water and not helping the taxpayers who are paying for this corruption. They are using the XI virus as a weapon to keep holding the economy at bay.

The elected politicians on both sides of the fence need to stand up for the Constitution and squelch the left and their new ideology. The Republican majority leader needs to be more brave in his guarded actions rather than wait for others to act.

It is time to return to full use of the Constitution because the left has put it in the freezer and are using the lawless Sharia law in play where anything goes to achieve their lawlessness. A good example is what is going on in CA with their “looting problem whereby nothing is done to protect the businesses but are protecting the looters. That is wrong.


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