When you work in the world of hard knocks, you find there are different ways to reach out to people to get them to understand where you are coming from to achieve the equity of all. Supervising is not an easy job. The best road to travel is the road of experience by watching others who have traversed that road. Meaning, culture differences and the raising of each of them.

A good example

A white friend bringing her homemade potato salad to a black barbecue — the connection to the commonly-held belief that white people don’t cook the same way black people do. White people would likely under season their food or add something strange, like raisins. Seriously, we’ve seen what has been done to things like cornbread and macaroni and cheese.

And other gentrified foods:


These are examples of how far we have come in this gentrified world.

Now, back to the working world of culture which is to learn through experience. It is best to use a person who has that experience to solve the problem. A person trying to be gingerly nice to someone who came from the school of hard knocks wouldn’t work according to my black friend. His action would be to “use the manner to speak with them in which they are accustomed by that person.” Otherwise, you are asking for a lawsuit.

Our staff had that person and it always worked. And the reversed worked for white people.

Whew – now we know the rest of the story of the “SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS.” Being nice doesn’t always work .


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