KOMMONSENTSJANE – No More Mincing Words: Trumpsters are Traitors (TOO FUNNY)

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Too funny – you pinned the tail on the wrong donkey – yourself.

But they won’t do it, because that would be a concession to ‘the other side’, and they won’t put their own country before their party, or their pride.

How could you – the nerve – after what the Communist Democrats have put this country through by trying to turn it into a communist nation – you make that statement. You have a right to your opinion – but name calling doesn’t tell the truth – only points out that you are not a true lover of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and are enjoying the turmoil. Just a note – remember the Bush’s called themselves  Democrats before Bush I died.  So who is/was the real traitor?



Non-conservatives have always been too civilized, too unwilling, and too careful to resort to the ‘T’ word when it comes to their fellow Americans. No conscientious American wants to believe, let alone declare that any of their fellow Americans may in any way be a ‘traitor’ as such a statement carries serious implications.
That’s no qualm for conservatives, however. Calling other Americans ‘Traitors’ with no cause save blind partisan rhetoric has been their go-to rallying cry for decades now. They are of the belief that only THEY truly represent American ‘values’, and that their political adversaries must necessarily be their opposite in every way. It is this inability to think outside of the exclusive dichotomies of ‘good/bad’, ‘right/wrong’ that makes it so easy for them to level that label on Clinton, Obama, and every non-conservative that doesn’t agree that dropping bombs on everyone we don’t like isn’t just the dog-gone…

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